Dropbox Email app
Designed for Gmail and iCloud users,
UberPop app
Following protests from taxi drivers, Berlin’s courts have ruled that the Uber service does not comply with federal transport laws.
Berlin employees earn less
Berlin’s salaries are well below the German average, as research by Compensation-Online has shown.
android heartbleed
Although Google has already created a fix to the Heartbleed security flaw, millions of older Android smartphones remain vulnerable to hacking.
Banksy surveillance GCHQ
The UK’s intelligence agency is the latest subject of a work of street art by anonymous artist Banksy. The mural depicts three conspicuous spies eavesdropping a telephone booth with large recording devices.
EU flags in Berlin
Berlin’s young startups and research teams stand to profit from the latest round of EU funding.
dailyme, streaming, big ben
Berlin-based startup dailyme has expanded its cooperation with the BBC: now more than 50 BBC pr
pretend Windows XP photo
The photographer behind the iconic Windows XP desktop photo has revealed how he took his world-famous photo Bliss.
We need to talk.
WebMagazin’s first bilingual print magazine has arrived. And it looks pretty damn good.
Heartbleed logo
It’s the biggest security vulnerability the internet has ever seen.
soundcloud, copyright, legal approach
Various major labels are reportedly preparing to collaborate for a legal action against Soundcloud.
Wooga Berlin
If Willy Wonka had a factory for making mobile games, it would be something like the Wooga offices in Berlin.
iOS keyboard
When learning a new language, many smartphone users like to change their phone into that language.
Loading internet
A study by Germany’s Bundesnetzagentur has shown that most internet users in Berlin are surfing at slower speeds than promised by their providers.
Twitter greenpeace
Twitter and Amazon have been criticised by a Greenpeace report on “clean clicking”.
Standing at work
A recent survey by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has proven that sitting for longer periods of time increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.
Build 2014
Microsoft's annual Build conference for developers launches today in San Fransisco. For the rest of the week, Microsoft will be presenting a variety of product updates to a large audience of press, partners and developers.
WhatsApp Trick Screenshot
With the acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook has not only brought on board a popular messenger, but has also gotten rid of one of its big competitors.
LinkedIn Offices
Following legal pressure from LinkedIn, the Chrome plugin Sell Hack has removed its controversial LinkedIn hacking function.


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